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Posted by Nelson Zide on 10/16/2019

Do you find yourself marveling over the amount of trash your family produces each and every week? It may be time to consider applying simple changes to your lifestyle that will ultimately reduce your waste and lower your carbon footprint. 

Reusable cups and bottles

It's no secret that plastic waste is polluting our planet and harming our wildlife. A simple switch you can apply to your everyday routine is replacing a disposable plastic water bottle with a reusable one. Make it a habit of carrying one with you everywhere you go to ensure you aren't tempted to purchase one. You can even start bringing a reusable coffee cup with you to coffee shops. Many chains will even offer a discount for being kind to the planet! This new habit will reduce plastic waste on our planet and add more green to your wallet.

Green shopping

Plastic bags and food wraps are filling our oceans at a rapid rate. By 2050 data projects that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Yikes! Making this small change in your life has a huge lasting impact on our planet. Purchase reusable cloth grocery bags to take with you each time you shop. You can even find mesh bags for produce instead of using the small plastic bags at the store. If you're crafty, you can even sew cloth bags and personalize them to look stylish. Also, try to purchase produce you can pick by hand rather than those packaged in plastic.

Smart cleaning

Replace paper towels and disposable cleaning cloths with old rags or towels. For cleaning mirrors and windows, try microfiber cloths. Instead of plastic shampoo and soap bottles, purchase shampoo bars that don't have wasteful packaging. With these simple replacements, you'll reduce your waste, but not your clean.

Food storage

Many families use plastic Tupperware or food storage bags on a daily basis for packing lunches or storing leftovers. Say goodbye to all that plastic waste by switching to glass food storage. Glass is not only a healthier option, it's also more cost-efficient. Start packing your food in glass storage containers and store your leftovers in mason jars. You'll love difference glass can make from old stained, smelling plastic containers.

Reuse plastic 

The transition to a plastic-free lifestyle is no overnight change. It may your family take a few weeks to get fully in the mindset. In the instance that you do bring home plastic, be sure to toss it into the recycling container or reuse it. Plastic grocery bags make excellent bathroom trash bags. You could also reuse plastic tubs for organization or items like nails, craft supplies, and much more.

These simple changes to your household will result in a healthier, more cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Contact the Environmental Services district of your city to find out more ways you can help your community make environmentally conscious choices.

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